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27 November 2008 @ 02:36 pm
The Captain, Bio  

Captain Undefined-Yet

Is actually the most unattractive of the three superheroines, but besides such hotness, who wouldn’t. Still, with an imposing presence , a steely dark gaze and a “don’t fuck with me” attitude she has managed to  put fear in the hearts of perverts all around Neo-Estados Unidos, who remember her not only by her strength, but specially because of the horrible way she clashes with her two unbelievably beautiful lackeys. Not even considering the gaudy shoes she attacks them with, an act which constantly question her rationality in the eyes of the city.

Though determined and courageous, she is also dangerous because of her one tracked mind and recklessness, which most of the time make the group end up worse for the wear. In fact, after a couple of pretty ugly crashes, Jailbait and Eternity have learned to not distract her as she drives.

Has been confused as a man so many times it has stopped being funny, and she throws the stilettos on the poor bastards that confuse her. She’s also been confused with a banshee so much, she’s given up in trying to correct it, and people have ended up thinking she is one even though she’s not, she merely screams like one.

Does not has a license, but drives the Confused-Preferences-Mobile (she has been banned from naming anything else). Her bribing skills allow her to get around easily and avoid any problems with the police. She believes that what money can’t buy, a good punch to the face gets it for free. Cops have learned to go along with that.

Her teammates usually only call her Captain, but tack along a couple of things as the situation merits. She changes her titles constantly so much people have stopped caring.

Still, one has to watch out for when she starts calling herself Captain Damien, as that’s what she called herself the couple of times she fell to the side of evil. Many have speculated on that being her true name, and they’re right, but it’s better not to think about it, given how she gets when she goes evil. She seems to become surprisingly clever then.

A box of very nice and expensive shoes appear every morning at the door of her apartment, but she refuses to say where she got them or who sends them to her. She’s very open about her life in the city, never hides the fact that she has been fired from more jobs than she can remember for stupid reasons that were mostly her fault, or how she loses her patience in the worst moments. Honesty and responsibility are very important to her and she gets angry when others don’t follow those traits.

Yet she refuses to talk about her origins or where she lived before settling down on Neo-Estados Unidos. She has a passport from another country she keeps hidden as best she can and speaks with an accent that sounds oddly Russian, despite her features being more Hindu. She gets angry whenever others insist on knowing more about her or her past. She doesn’t have any documents from before she arrived at the country, but doesn’t seems particularly concerned about the immigration agency.

Despite such an aggressive personality, she likes opera and literature with a passion

Height: 1.67 m.

Weight: 59 kgs

Eye color: Green

Hair Color: Black, curly, medium to long

Skin: Tanned

Superpowers: Street style martial arts, setting herself on fire, paralyzing  banshee scream

Age: Almost 25


How she became a Superhero:

One night, after getting fired of her 27th secretarial job, she stumbled into a hidden bar in a narrow alley. In spite of the disturbing smell of blood coming from inside she knocked, but the guard wouldn’t let her in, so she waited on the corner for the bus.

A man came out of the bar holding a glass cup with a red liquid. He reeked of blood

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” he said, and she huffed

“Don’t tell me you’re a vampire” the man drank all the contents of the cup and she could see his long, glass –like fingernails.

“Fine, I won’t tell you then”

She dashed away, but wasn’t able to escape. Cornered, she decided to fight back, when suddenly, a lightning ray struck her, making her catch on fire. For some reason unknown she didn’t noticed, and launched herself at the vampire, burning him to ashes.

Deciding that a normal job wouldn’t really work for her, she got the idea to rescue damsels in distress in exchange of donations. That didn’t worked very well, since the women she rescued ended up either bitchslapping her, or ranting about her nonexistent fashion sense.

 Profits increased 450% since the addition of Jailbait to the team.

Rescues gone terribly, terribly wrong decreased 25% since the addition of Eternity to the team and her slightly less crazed plans

(Jailbait: But, Captain, I don’t think hiking to the top of a 117 floors building is a good idea!

Captain: Says the cripple, of course. You’d better start going upstairs if you want to get there in time.

Jailbait: Can I take the elevator?

Captain: Nope, you’d attract too much attention and risk being molested.

Jailbait: >.> *takes the elevator anyway and ends up getting kidnapped* Captain!!

Captain: Shit. You took the elevator didn’t you?

Jailbait: *blushes*)