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27 November 2008 @ 02:42 pm
Lower Villains  


Though most of the villains work under the main villain, some have their own goals and secret agenda, those are Japanese Bondage Guy (Yet to get named, any suggestions are greatly appreciated), Phantom Perv, and Havoc’s supervillain unless she wants to actually work under the main villain.

Our villains are, until now:


(Yet to put up her bio on the comm.)

Lord Hentai

               Biseinen, rules the greatest porn company in the country, is known to employ underage actors and sex slaves but no evidence has been raised against him since all the witnesses disappear or decide not to testify.

               Height: 1.75 m.

               Hair: medium to long, straight, blonde

               Eyes: Golden Brown

               Age: 33

               Skin: white

Japanese Bondage Guy

               Bishonen, an assassin that first raped his victims before getting the job done. He was discovered and captured by the police, but his abilities as an assassin made him very useful to the leader of the cult and he was freed from jail as long as he serves the objectives of the cult. Is in charge of getting the victims to be sacrificed and sometimes takes advantage of them. His only kink is self explanatory , I believe.

               Height: 1.76 m.

               Hair: short to medium, black

               Eyes: dark brown

               Age: 28

               Skin: light to tanned

Phantom Perv

               Tormented ghost who was killed by his partner during asphyxiation sex. Came back from the death to have revenge on his partner and harass women and ukes. Is a necromancer.

               Height: 1.68 m.

               Hair: Long, white

               Eyes: Black

               Age: was 20 when he died, has been dead for almost ten years

               Skin: white/transparent

Tentacle Rape Monster

               Self explanatory, use at your own risk.


               Female vampire, leads the small army of vampires the main villain is gathering on the country, acts as a very good spy, owns very popular clubs in the capital and lives in a cool mansion at the outskirts of the city. Is outwardly sadistic but inside she is insecure and tries to gain as much power as she can to find the safety she doesn’t feels. Hipocritical, power hungry and manipulative, she will stop at nothing to ensure the cult gains control of the world. Is a standard vampire, so she cannot go out in the sun or she will combust, has glass-like fingernails and her fangs grow when she’s going to feed, doesn’t eats food, etc.

               Hair: Butt long, black, straight

               Eyes: black that can turn red

               Height: 1.67 m.

               Breast: C (don’t really know much about cup sizes so feel free to correct me)

               Skin: white, pale

               Age: was 20 when turned, since then has lived for about 30 years


               Daughter of the multimillionaire owner of a company that owns nearly all of the malls in the city. Her father died under suspicious circumstances (she had him killed) but the police never investigated the case. She has an obsession with goth loli dresses and likes to make all her friends dress up, those who refuse usually disappear. She has a collection of life sized dolls dressed in loli dresses in the basement of her Victorian style mansion which look very much like some of her friends. She is a spy of the high society. She is so obsessed with lolitas that sometimes while driving through the city if she sees a pretty woman or girl she will kidnap her and bring her to her mansion. The president gives her protection in exchange for her spying and for the control of most of the cameras in malls and social centers though there haven’t been many installed around the city.

               Hair: long, curled, blonde, with big bows

               Height: 1.60 m.

               Eyes: Clear Blue

               Skin: white

               Age: Almost 19

You can make use of them as you please to make everyone’s life hell. Except with Havoc, she has an owner already, so play nice with her. Also feel free to make up your own villains, but make sure they work with the plot I’ve set.