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27 November 2008 @ 02:07 pm
The Captain. Chapter 1  

A special kind of disgust filled her as Damien opened the door of her small sucky apartment to retrieve the newspaper and found it sitting atop a small rectangular box. She huffed and picked up both things, then got back inside. She unfolded the newspaper and threw the box to the couch where it fell open and a pair of two stylish black shoes fell out.

The first page of the newspaper showed a tall man in a black suit taking an oath in front of the towns hall, on top of the image in bright red letters read “Hope or Doom?!” but she already knew how much of a bastard he was after her three days working as a secretary on the towns hall. The first thing the others taught you was to wear full covering clothes and stay as far away from the bastard as possible. She could have kept her job had she not scratched at his face when he tried to cop a feel, but it just wasn’t worth it to take it and she didn’t even like the damned job in the first place. Though, his perversion non withstanding it seemed like he was doing something good for the city. The way things were improving even she could hope to find a job at some point.

She got up and went to the room where she sat on the bed. Near the door was a pile of charred clothes, memento of her meeting with the vampire. She shuddered at her thoughts. She had seen a vampire. A true vampire. It still didn’t seemed real to her. And yet, she looked at the inside of her forearms and saw the marks of his claws still red on her skin.

And the fire. She could still feel it, and knew; knew that it hadn’t come from the lightning, but had caused the lightning. An unstoppable energy she always had…It felt like remembering something she always knew, like going home.

She got up and went to the window. Outside a gloomy gray mid autumn morning made everyone wear jackets. And yet.

She chuckled, and her breath let out smoke.

It was going to be a very interesting night. And she was already getting good ideas of what to do with all those goddamned shoes.


The lights of the street flickered in the starless night. Better than before when there was no light. That was why Anna, over the counter seller, had decided to walk home that night after work. Things were getting better, and everybody was hopeful that dawn was slowly arriving to the city. But they couldn’t see the problem all those shining changes were trying to hide.

Sexual attacks were not illegal anymore.

And Anna had forgotten that, for the ten minutes the walk home from work took her. Just enough for a gang of tugs to see her pass from an alley and decide that now they finally had enough freedom and were about to try it.

They advanced around her, five big guys against a very small woman.

Anna screamed as she saw herself cornered, but they only laughed at her. Even if someone wanted to help her, they couldn’t. Or so they thought.

A stylish black stiletto hit one on the eye, another hit one in the back of the head hard enough for the heel to stay there, and a wooden ten centimeters platform rendered another one unconscious.

An odd lanky woman in a black overcoat came out of the shadows.

“Alright guys, you can leave now or put up a fight, either one’s fine with me.” She said on a deep voice that made them question if she really was a woman. Either way, she was small enough for them to try and get her.

Two minutes later she was dusting her overcoat while the tugs laid unconscious around her.

“Well, that was easy” she said, and turned to Anna, Damien knew who she was for the name tag on her jacket. “Erhm…you alright?” Anna hit her in the face with her handbag and ran away screaming.

“What the hell you bitch!” shouted Damien, rubbing at her nose.

The night was going to hell, and she was about ready to head home and sleep for at least eleven hours.

She searched on the multiple hidden pockets of her overcoat for the keys to her car. She had left it a couple of streets away, after driving around for nearly an hour. No sense in saving people too close to her own house.

She walked with lazy steps, one of the tugs from earlier in the night had hit her on the leg, but she was too proud to limp even though the pain made her grit her teeth.

As she rounded a corner near her car she heard someone scream. She stopped on her tracks. She might as well save herself the effort since every single woman she had saved that night had ended up hitting her or shouting expletives at her. But she had already heard the scream, and knew she wouldn’t leave it like that.

So she sucked the pain on her leg and ran towards the small alley where she heard the scream. A bunch of half drunken tugs surrounded a small teenage girl in crutches. She smirked, after all, how hard could crippled teens hit? She might as well save her and take the blow anyway, if only out of pity for the girl.

The little girl hit one of the attackers with her crutches sending him against the opposite wall, then hit one behind her with the other crutch. Three remained, but they stayed at a safe distance from the girl.

“Well, now, this is new…” whispered Damien, still standing on the entrance. None of the thugs or the girl seemed to pay attention to her though.

“This is a hard one, ain’t she?” said the thug with the gun. The girl took a defensive position. Damien didn’t even thought about what she did and only ran up to the bastard with the gun. She threw him to the ground and broke the arm that held the gun. The other two were confused for a few seconds, enough for the girl to hit them both with her crutches and get them unconscious.

Damien stood up, kicking the bastard on the ground one last time just for the hell of it.

“All alone in the street, it’s way past your bedtime love” said Damien, but when she lifted her eyes at the girl, she found one of the crutches pointing at her neck. The end had a small blade on it “My, my, so many cards under your sleeve. Very nice, trying to play the hero?”

The girl smirked.


“How cute. But, didn’t your momy told you anything about not talking to strangers?”

The girl’s face contorted in anger and she slashed the bladed crutch at Damien, who took a step back just in time to avoid a nasty scar. Instead she got some of her black locks cut clean. That told her anything she needed to know about the blades.

“Such a temperament” said Damien.

The girl took another slash at her and Damien took that opportunity to dash through her weak defense and slip past the crutches. In one swift movement she punched her in the stomach. The girl fell to the ground, holding one hand to her stomach, and not taking the other from her crutch, but without the strength to lift it Damien felt safe to approach her.

She noticed a small backpack thrown behind the girl and she lifted it. It looked as if it had seen better days, almost about to fall apart. Damien took out of it a bunch of papers, one was a birth certificate saying the girl’s name was Fortuna Malanno and was about 17 years old.

“What’s a little girl like you doing here so alone?” wondered Damien out loud, only to anger the girl more. She didn’t thought it would feel this good to harass cripples.

The sounds of a siren reached them and Damien stuffed the papers on the backpack as Fortuna was getting up. Sexual harassment wasn’t illegal, but street fights were, so Damien threw the backpack at the girl and ran out the alley.

She looked back once and saw the girl stumble up with her crutches. If the police found her there, rape would be the last thing she would have to worry about. Damien huffed, exasperated, then walked back at the girl.

“If you promise to keep silent I can give you a ride” the girl bared her fangs at her “Or you can stay here and try to buy your way out of jail. I’ll tell you, with a body like that, the cops ain’t gonna want any money”

The girl looked sickened for a moment, but accepted.

Damien led her at a brisk pace towards her car.

“What’s up with your leg?” asked Fortuna, and Damien gritted her teeth at the girl noticing her wound so fast.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” she growled and opened the passenger door with a harsh pull. It always got stuck if you didn’t pulled with enough force.

“Yes, Captain” growled back Fortuna. Damien shut the door closed so hard the entire car shook, and then sat on the driver’s seat.

“Hmp, Captain. I think I like that”


Fortuna Storytellerfortuna_s on November 28th, 2008 12:41 pm (UTC)
XD my god, you're such a bitch cap'n! I love you!
dannath on November 28th, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC)
Weee!! We're all waiting for you! This is going to be so amazingly cooooll!!!
(Btw, I hope I didn't mangled your character too much U.U)