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09 April 2009 @ 03:18 pm
A little thing I wrote a while ago...  
For the Season Change Contest thingy I tried to write a piece with the superherostuff thingy.

I never finished it, because I couldn't see how it would turn out or what could happen next. Still, I like the  piece, and it sounds pretty neat. I have no idea how it follows, or what happens next. So, if you read it and enjoy, comment. If you read it and get an idea for what's next, comment and I'll follow along.
Anyway, I hope you like and sorry if I got everyone's characters wrong, since I only had the bio of fortuna and a few ideas on Eternity, lol, I suxxorzz


Fear of The sky

The color of darkness expands

Why is the road to the colorful sky blocked?

I want to know

-English translation of the Spanish translation of the Japanese song “Metamorphose”


“Take this advice” said Adrell, with that same nonchalant smile in his face he always had.

“No, no!” begged Ellea, scrambling on the snow to get up.

“Look at the sky”

Adrell shot himself in the head then, and even though Ella looked at him from the other side of the bridge, she felt his blood fall on her.


A full year after being hit by lightning and developing superpowers, Damien was still looking out for a job and nothing seemed any better.

Her apartment felt far more crowded, of course, but that was her fault for letting the other two girls move in with her. She should have know, teenagers. She pushed her tangled dark curls back and took a mug from the kitchen. A cat jumped on her back and she gritted her teeth while it climbed her and jumped into the counter.

Coffee. She needed coffee.

“I made breakfast!” said Eternity, with her typical happy smile, and Damien bit back her sharp comment about when she was going to train her be damned cats or she’d have to train her.

You simply couldn’t stay angry with people like Eternity, who made breakfast and didn’t even realized that things went wrong in horrible, horrible little ways. They just smiled and brought you food that also smiled at you. Damien looked down at her plate and stabbed the bacon smile.

“Mail!” said Fortuna, coming in through the door “Newspaper” she threw it at Damien, who caught it without looking “Cat food” she threw it at Eternity, but a mass of cats emerged from under the couches and inside the closets and the bag of cat food never arrived “Bills, Bills, fanmail!, trash, trash, bills, fanmail!, trash, trash, platforms!” she sat on one of the couches and tried on the bright blue seventies style platforms.

“They’re not your size” she said, stabbing one of the egg eyes of her food and feeling a certain satisfaction in being able to stab someone’s eye.

“Why must you have such big feet? All those pretty shoes always get ruined and I can’t even wear them” She put away the shoe box and sat down next to her. Damien looked through the envelopes and saw a pile of them next to Fortuna’s plate. Most were pink, and had flowers in them, others were red and perfumed, but Damien didn’t want to think about those. Fanmail. She got it all.

Eternity sat down to breakfast while Damien opened her newly arrived Vogue. Autumn tendencies. She looked out the window and saw the clouds move slow through the sky. The final days of summer, and she’d almost managed to not think about it.

The doorbell rang, starting the melody of Jingle Bells. They’d installed it last Christmas, and then never got to putting it back to normal. Damien kept warning them that she would bash the thing if they didn’t fix it, but Fortuna kept hiding the hammers.

“Whoever it is, I’m not in” said Damien, and went into her room.

No matter how much she left the windows open, the stench of smoke never faded.


Three streets west of Damien’s apartment, after getting out of her house to go to school, Diane Rivers was kidnapped. What was left of her body would appear three days later in a dumpster.


“Geez, she keeps thinking we’re the maids or what?” complained Fortuna

“I want a maid outfit” said Eternity and got up to open the door “Hi!” she said to a tall woman with curly sandy hair.

“Good morning. I’m looking for Damien, does she still lives here?” she asked with an odd accent. Fortuna smirked.

“Uh…Well, she does lives here, but she’s not in right no-“

“She just came back!” shouted back Fortuna “Damien, someone’s looking for you!”

The woman entered and Damien came out of her room with murder in her eyes.

“Of course, I just came back” she said through gritted teeth. She scratched at her head, and Fortuna marveled at the fact that the tangled mass that was her hair didn’t try to bite her fingers off.

The woman stepped around Eternity and entered the apartment. Something about her seemed oddly familiar.

“Damien. I thought you’d have been kicked out of here by now” she said, and sat down on one of the couches.

“Ellea, what do you want?” asked Damien, sitting down on the opposite couch, but Fortuna noticed her face was paler. Suddenly, her food was far less interesting. Eternity set a coffee mug in front of the woman and gave her a big smile. The woman gave looked at her with a heavy stare and then lifted an elegant eyebrow. Things fell into place in Fortuna’s mind, but they formed a very awkward and slightly unnerving piece.

“Uhm, are you two..are you related?” she finally asked, realizing that if Damien was some centimeters taller and actually looked like a woman, she would have looked like Ellea.

“She’s my older sister” said Damien, yawning.

“Your sister! I didn’t know you had a family!”

“Because my personal superpower is selfreproducing, right? I couldn’t possible at some point have parents”

“I-I meant-!”

“Superpowers” said the Ellea, still sitting elegantly in the couch. She looked like a perfect glass sculpture in the middle of a dumpster.

“Ah, you heard of that?” said Damien, giving her a smirk

“Of course. A woman who goes around fighting crime and attacking people with shoes, who else could it be?”

“I feel special now”

They stood in a silence that, more than the lack of noise, felt like a living, conscious entity; lurking, floating around them. Fortuna bit her lower lip. Trying to contain the concept of the tornado of senseless destruction that was Damien and the living silence that seemed to crawl over the walls was too much for her to cope with.

Ellea tapped her knee with her long white fingernail.

“Adrell’s dead, Dammy”

Damien’s eyes opened big like plates, and her face lost all color.

“God…how?” she asked in a whisper “And don’t call me that. I’m not five years old anymore”

oni_giloni_gil on April 10th, 2009 01:39 am (UTC)
Yaaay superhero stuffs! <3 And cats... LOTS and LOTS of them. XD
dannath on April 13th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
God, I'm so late >.>U
Yeah! kittens! You need a lot of them to fight crime!!
Fortuna Storyteller: jailbaitfortuna_s on April 13th, 2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
Sorry it took me so long to get to this, damn boat *shakes fist* But I absolutely adore your characterization of Jailbait. I really need to get to writing something for this as well...
dannath on April 13th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Don't worry about it.
I'm glad you liked the characterization
If you want to, don't worry about it.