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30 November 2008 @ 09:26 am
Jailbait Profile  

Anyway, my character is Jailbait- a 16 year old ninja who fights with crutches

Born in Neo-Estados Unidos as Fortuna Malanno, she was brought up by her rather cranky and bitchy Aunt and Uncle after her parents died in a terrible 'accident'.  Without proper attention from her new 'guardians', she began to cultivate a wild imagination, a great sense of idealism, and a unique morality code.  For most of her life, she was unconcerned with other people, until Highschool kicked in and she learned her one true weakness.


Gorgeous, gorgeous women.

Often too shy to talk to them, she would discreetly watch them, sometimes write about them, but never worked up the courage to try and flirt with one.  When she finally did build up the nerve to try and talk with a girl she liked, Fortuna let slip that she had a crush on her and the girl freaked out.  When Fortuna got home that day, her guardians had been informed and were none to pleased that their ward was an effing lesbo.  After a loud argument, her Aunt ordered her to leave.  When she refused, her Aunt pushed her off a flight of stairs, and she fell on her right leg.
A trip to the hospital and numerous procedures later, the doctors informed her that she would never be able to use her right leg again.  They put a boot on her and gave her a pair of crutches and ushered her out the door.
Without a place to return to, she wandered the streets of the city for a few days, getting food, shelter, and money where she could, and building up experience with her crutches, to the point where she could do things independently.

One night, as she was wandering the streets, a pair of thugs pulled her into a dark alleyway.  Gods know what would have happened to her if she weren't suddenly saved by a Mysterious and Incredibly Awesome Ninja Lady (that I haven't named yet).  She let the young Miss Malanno live with her and trained her in the ways of martial arts, turning her crutches from tools to help her walk into deadly weapons.  After two years of intense, constant training, she left her teacher to live her life on her own.  

With her new found fighting powers, she decided to teach the ruffians of the city a lesson.  She would purposefully go out at night with the intention of being mobbed so that she could teach the would-be-molesters some manners.  She sexualized her apperance so as to further attract her victims.  It was during one of these outings that she met up with the Captain- who thought the sidekick-to-be was in danger until she beat the offenders to a pulp.  They introduced themselves and became a crimefighting duo- Fortuna Malanno fashioned a costume for herself and took on the name Jailbait.


Jailbait is a fiercely independent individual who does not believe that her injury is severe enough to warrant special help.  She is sarcastic and sexualized on the outside, but secretly insecure and prudish.  Her only 'powers' stem from her martial arts.  Without her crutches, she is more or less powerless.

Taking on the role of the 'competent sidekick', Jailbait tries to memorize maps of the city so that the Captain won't get hopelessly lost on the way to a crime scene, and tries to talk the Captain out of her less than 'spectacular' ideas.  She uses her crutches and her new persona to attact hordes of fangirls- what she considers the best perk of her new job as a teenage vigilante (though she's too insecure to ever go out with one, she loves the attention).  The only problem with her new apperance and mannerisms is that she's slightly prone to being kidnapped.  Slightly.  She also has the tendancy to be horribly impulsive if she's offended or provoked.  

She's got dreams of righting wrongs and taking a stand for equal rights for everyone- since she's gotten a bit of grief for being crippled, female, and a homosexual.  

dannath on November 30th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)
Remember, don't stress out editing and trying to get it absolutely perfect, anything will be fine as long as we all can play.
oni_giloni_gil on December 1st, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
I think I should totally make an icon for this. Hahahahaha.
dannath on December 1st, 2008 07:35 pm (UTC)